About Us

KhansRestaurant was founded with the intention to bring together the most beautiful element of the Indian food . KhansRestaurant is designed to provide Tasty and Healthy food to customers which is evident right from the menu to the interiors of our restaurants. The food is sophisticated and dramatic. We stimulate your taste buds with our carefully crafted menu by our chefs which will want you to comeback craving for more. Our focus is on the integrity of authenticity of the food and its flavour allowing the food to speak for itself.
Khans Restaurant is an exclusive home style family restaurant. We at Khans Restaurant are concious of the good home-cooked meal. We use only hand picked Spices that are prepared at home. We use dry coconut for preparing our cuisine. Our Kodan (gravy)dishes uses 200 years old recipes of coconut and red chillies.
What make Khans Restaurant special is that, our food varies from season to season. during summer we serve less spicy food. while at the same time in monsoon season we add more pepper as it is good for cough and cold. In winter we add more ginger-garlic paste to avoid lethargic feeling.

We undertake all party orders